It is a well-known fact that video content is the most effective medium in marketing. Same as any other medium, video marketing is also undergoing rapid changes. The emerging trends in video marketing have been identified after undertaking a detailed analysis of the production styles and techniques. Incorporating the latest trend can attract more viewers and can be beneficial for marketing. The following are considered to be the future trends in video production.

The Future Trends Of Video Production

Through effectively utilizing technology, video production has evolved with the cutting edge visual effects applied. While some of the future trends of video production are in their beta stage some of the following technologies have not seen their full potential.

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1. 4K Technology

The innovation of 4K technology has changed the quality of video viewing. It delivers videos in a horizontal resolution of 4ooo Pixels. That is a resolution of 3840 pixels × 2160 lines, which is far higher than 1080P (consists of 1920 x 1080 pixels). With the popularity of mobile phones that has 4K technology increasing, better quality videos are offered during mobile viewing too.

The nuances and detailing of 4k technology are astonishing. Its higher resolution images provide the viewer with a better view of the product. The grid-like structure of pixels nearly invisible, the viewer can see the video clearly even if they sit closer to the display.

Artificial Reality experience

2. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is the next big thing that is gaining momentum. Big players like Google and Samsung have been concentrating on the research and development of virtual reality gadgets for a while.  There has been a steady growth in the Virtual reality arena. And it is also garnering popularity slowly.  

The virtual reality videos ensure that the potential customer/ viewer can “feel” whatever they see. This will ensure more involvement of the viewer. The customer could be attracted to the product more effectively. Thereby ensuring better results.  The arrival of affordable virtual reality gadgets is soon going to change the way marketing videos are made. Virtual reality will be one of the key trends in future video production.

3. Usage of Drones

Earlier times, aerial shots used to be costly as helicopters were used for the shoot. This has caused organizations turning reluctant in trying their hands in aerial videography.  The arrival of drones changed the game entirely.

Aerial videography adds another dimension, another angle, to the video content. The viewers enjoy seeing the videos that are shot from the higher plane. The aerial videography is already trending and is expected to continue in the future too.


4. Cinemagraphs

Of late, Cinemagraphs have been showing an upward trend. Cinemagraphs are, mostly, made out of a series of photographs. A series of photographs or short videos are stitched seamlessly to appear as if an animation.

People who are creative can make interesting Cinemagraphs. Such videos can ensure more viewers at less cost. An important point to be considered here is that it should have an interesting flow. And should not appear as a collection of disconnected photographs.

5. Captioning

Captioning is as important as an attractive video. A countless number of videos cram the internet daily.  A right heading, a right caption, will ensure Search Engine Optimization and search engines like Google will put your video ahead of others. The reachability of the video is thus increased. And the video reaches the right person, a viewer searching for video content on a particular subject/ theme.

Video production houses have inhouse researchers to identify the right hashtag, the right caption, for each video. A cursory view of the viral videos itself will define the importance of captioning and how that is trending already.

6. Live Videos

What if someone talks to you “personally”. It can be about a product they have used or a place they have visited. The personal talk with you can make you feel connected with the video. Consider the video is about the benefits of a particular product. It can appear as if he/ she is guiding you to the right product to meet your requirements.

The world is full of people who are awaiting recognition. Of course, there will be many watching live videos. But, each viewer feels that the person in the video is talking to them directly.

How that will be when an unknown person talks to you and resolves all your problems?

Great!! Isn’t it?

There is no doubt why live videos are seeing a sudden surge. The present trends indicate that live videos will be the trend in the future too.

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