Videos are the most effective medium for conveying an idea. It is both auditory and visual. Therefore, people of different tastes could be attracted through a video. A brilliantly made video commercial is similar to a beautifully decorated bridge between potential customers and the product. But to achieve results, it is highly critical to master the art of how to create videos that attract your customers.

The emergence of social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc has increased the scope and reach of video advertisements. An attractive video can reach millions of customers, without spending much. However, certain aspects are required to be considered while creating video content.

Factors To Consider To Create Videos That Attracts Your Customers

By following the below factors you can effectively create videos that attract your customers.

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1. Define Your Audience/ Potential Customer

As said earlier, every video will not work for everyone/ every product. The potential customer needs to be identified prior to creating the video content. Subsequently, the video can be created as per the taste of the audience. Such a video will easily connect with them. And will ensure more leads/ sales.

2.Selection of Subject/ Theme

The most important part of any video is the subject/ theme we select. It should be catchy and, at the same time, should convey the benefits/ positives/ goodness of the product. You are the winner if you have a perfectly executed unique script. On the other hand, the theme should not wander away from the central objective, i.e. selling the product/ ensuring leads.

The subject selected should be according to the region, where the product is expected to be available. A product that is expected to go beyond borders needs to have a video with international appeal.


The video should be an infotainer. That means, it should pass down the information about the product as well as entertain the audience. Moreover, the video should not be preachy.

Crisp and clear videos with an interesting theme can win peoples’ hearts. It can, in turn, promote the salability of the product.

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4. .Creating Temptation

The market is big and the number of similar products is also very high. Most of the time, the customers choose the brand they are accustomed to. Or those products which have entered their heart through attractive video ads.

The videos should attract potential customers and resonate with their taste. Peoples’ decision comes from their subconscious mind. Attractive ads must nudge their subconscious mind and influence the decision. The video should be creative enough to tempt the customer to try the product over their favorite one.


The quality of the video commercial matters a lot. We cannot force a customer to watch the video. It is their decision to watch or skip the ad. The customer will simply skip the ad if the quality of the ad is not up to the mark.


The video should neither be too long nor too short. It should convince the customers to buy the product in the minimum possible time. Of course, social media platforms like Youtube has six seconds ads too. Those are required to be more creative to grab the attention of the customer in such a short duration.

7.The necessity of Experts

Every video will not work for every person or every product. Each person is different, so is each product. Creating an attractive video is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires a strong team of professionals, who can assess the customer’s mindset. Further, a detailed session of analysis and brainstorming is necessary prior to finalize the theme for the marketing video.

A video advertisement, prepared without any such preparation is as if a bullet shot without aiming. It will not only miss the target but will hit the wrong point also.


It is a fact that the longevity of a perfectly scripted, brilliantly shot video is considerably high. Once the identity of the product is conveyed, it will remain there for some time. After this, the video may have to be aired at certain intervals as people tend to forget. Though it doesn’t mean that people will forget an attractive video advertisement very soon.

The periodicity of airing the ad is also very important. Initially, it needs to be continued until the brand is infused into peoples’ subconscious minds. This will ensure that people will have a sense of familiarity while seeing the product in the market.



We may want to convey too many things to the audience/ the customer. But, it is not right to cram too many things in a single video. Otherwise, the customers will get confused and the video may not garner the intended result. The creators must concentrate on creating an attractive infotainer video, but without too much information.

It is highly important for your business to create videos that attract your customers because they improve your customer acquisition rate, viewers to customer conversions and target market engagement.

We at Lighting Bug Productions excel in creating videos that attract the end customers using the above-mentioned techniques and other trade secrets.

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